Jul 5, 2007

Julyan Davis

I walked into the Blue Spiral Gallery and was just knocked out by the paintings of Julyan Davis. I was just astounded. I almost hate to post a picture because they pale sooooo much in comparison to the real thing. Must see more in RL (real life)!

Im so sorry this pic isn't any bigger. It's huge and wonderful in person.


Julyan Davis said...

Dear Mr. Mahoney, Thank you for your kind words about my work. I stumbled upon your blog via google. This painting was a particular favorite of mine- one of those you realize cannot be replicated or repeated, even though painting it was surprisingly swift and painless. Having said that, I did do a small view of almost the same scene, but under snow and at twilight. That is on display in the UK.
Thanks again JD

JMahorney said...

Julyan, it's always a pleasure to spread the word about great artwork. That's just what I'm trying to do with this post about you (and this blog). I'm happy to hear that the capturing of that scene was painless. I found this painting simply arresting and if it's still in Ashville I can't wait to see it again. Please let me know if you have/get a website online. I'm sure others including myself would love to see more and larger online versions of your work. :)

Julyan said...

Jeff, I do have a web site
www.julyandavis.com. You may find of more interest my blog and studio site (you can link to it from there).


Julyan said...


You might be interested in my new site- some figurative work, still quite Southern..