Mar 10, 2010

Wacom - Cintiq UX pen tablet. Must. Resist.

#28762 - Wacom's new Cintiq UX pen tablet. Must. Resist.: "

Wacom's got a new cintiq out. Looks totally awesome but still no dice for me. One word: Cords
When is someone going to make one of these but cordless. Make it as a tablet with fully functional OS (Mac or PC). I want to NOT be tied to a desk with this thing. Am I the only one?! So now that these guys can't figure how to cutt the cords (and never will I guess) I need to look at the Modbook or maybe even a just an ipad

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Anonymous said...

Wacom actually has made something that is wireless, but it is mostly used in doctor's offices to keep and collect records. The did have one that was like the iPad, but larger, almost the size of a notepad, but it has now been scrapped because it costs too much and no one bought it because of poor promotion.