Jun 16, 2008

Colin Page

I got turned onto Maine artist, Colin Page by Frank Garner (also highly recommended). What a radiance of light to his paintings. I think they are just spectacular. His blog and ponderings on painting (p on p?) are really nice to read. I stayed up last night reading through the whole thing. Forgive my catch phrase, but seriously,
THIS is how to paint:


Frank Gardner said...

I agree with you on Colin's work. He has a great way of boosting color just the right amount. He has killer designs, and he can paint just about anything and make it look good. Did you see his paintings of McDonalds?

JMahorney said...

Yup. I love that one. It reminds me of the way Lane Bennion can paint anything and make it look beautiful
I believe it's all in the accurate color notes applied in judicious and limited strokes to describe something. It's perfectly exemplified in your painting here
That is how to paint!

Colin Page said...

Thanks for the great review. I'm glad you enjoy my paintings. I just checked out that guy Lane Bennion... WOW. I love his painting "Bowling on 33rd." Very cool stuff. He does a great job of pushing colors enough to make the painting interesting without going over the top. THese days I've been trying to find ways to exaggerate subtle color differences when I'm out painting, but it's hard to veer from what I see in the scene too much. Plus richer colors make for MUCH more complicated paintings to figure out. You may also like this woman's work. She does some really impressive color stuff:


Thanks again. Good luck with your painting.


JMahorney said...

So nice to have Frank and Colin here! I'm all smiles. Yup, I just checked out Connie Hayes and think she's terrific. When I get some spare time I gotta blog about her.

A Reason to Paint said...

It's great to come in here and be introduced to such beautiful work - love the jeep in the snow; the light is glorious.

Lane Bennion's work is fabulous too; I love the way both Colin Page and Lane Bennion paint snapshots of life that can open up the world to viewers - the ordinary stuff that typicsally goes unnoticed. These artists highlight the joys to be had in appreciating the moment.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Connie, Frank and Colin are all very wonderful talented artists. An inspiration for all of us. Carol

L.Holm said...

You are so right! Amazing work!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

wow, you are listing some heavy hitters here. All wonderful painters.
Gotta browse :)

John Morris said...

I came across the work of colin page a while ago I agree with you it's great.