Feb 12, 2008

Richard Garrison

This is a local guy that I am crazy about. I've seen his paintings at The Collector's Gallery and there's a show coming up at Tyndall's. It's the strong light patterns that I'm so attracted to, but I also love the rough texture and solid gestures of his figures. There's a stark anonymity about his people as though the were just there to shape the light. I love that idea. I was wondering if perhaps it's comes across to others as that kind of Hopper loneliness. I can't seem to find a home page on the web but I know he has a studio in Raleigh, NC. Here's one more gallery I found online.


RogerHaus said...

great blog.
greetings from Barcelona. :D

Sheila Vaughan said...

Jeff, yes you are so right about Richard Garrison. He looks phenomenal. Hope I can find out more about him. Thanks for the reference.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was, "His golors go 'BANG!' in a very good way. Thanks for posting some of this work!


lee d said...

Jeff - Richard Garrison is represented at our galleries, Carteret Contemporary Art in Morehead City and Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach, NC.


Richard said...

Thanks, belatedly, for the positive comments about my work. I have a website at www.richardgarrisonart.com