Nov 13, 2007

Jerry Lebo - 60 minute artist

Jerry lebo has a great blog called the 60 minute artist with great practical advise for the artist (or aspiring) with short slots of time to devote to painting. It's useful and inspiring. Oh did I mention the fact that I love his paintings? Beautiful loose style and right-on values. Sign me up. :)


sixtyminuteartist said...

Jeff, thanks for the post on my work. I have put a link to your blog on my link trade.

Jerry (sixtyminuteartist)

JMahorney said...

Thank you Jerry! I love reading your blog. Great advice and beautiful work make your blog a joy to visit. :)

A Reason to Paint said...

Thank you for the link to Jerry Lebo's blog; it will be a pleasure to come back to again and again.